Welding Analysis & Consulting

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At Metallurgical Consulting, we apply advanced metallurgical principles to welding problems in many production and repair applications. Repair welding performed in paper and chemical industries sometimes require special considerations to address contamination issues or deteriorated structures. The use of preheat and post weld stress relief procedures may be successfully imposed when not normally required by code. Many production welding problems can benefit from a metallurgical evaluation of cracking problems.

The benefits of in-depth weld testing are exhibited in several in-depth investigations of spot welds related to automobile accident investigations. These examples involved evaluations of weld quality and failure analysis of welds broken in accidents. This analysis has required many welds to be broken open or sectioned for metallurgical analysis. Investigations of welds broken in accidents have involved the determination of the weld strength at the time of the accident. This comprehensive and conclusive testing has resulted in furnishing of expert testimony in a number of legal proceedings.

The capability to evaluate substandard fillet welds in steel structures for adequacy for intended use has been developed. Steel fillet welds that are clearly of poor quality can still carry significant amounts of force or load. This is especially true where extra weld has been provided. Analytical procedures for steel structures under complex loads can be used to determine actual failure forces and whether the weld was adequate for its intended use. (See ICC Under Ride Bar in Past Projects.) Welds in pressure vessels which do not meet code can also be analyzed for load carrying capacity using a secondary stress analysis approach.

To learn more about our advanced weld analysis capabilities, see the table below or contact us directly.

Welding Analysis & Consulting Capabilities

Materials Science
Fracture Mechanics
Stress Analysis
Strain Gauge Testing
Fatigue Analysis
Full Root Cause Failure Analysis
Product Areas
Pressure Vessels
Paper Industry
Chemical Process Industry
Power Generation
Since 1973
Large Chamber Scanning Electron Microscope
X ray with SEM
Hydraulic Ram for full Scale Tests
Load Cells
Multi-Channel High Speed Data Acquisition
DC&AC Corrosion Testing Equipment
Optical Microscopes
Specimen Preparation Equipment
Information to Work from
Engineering Drawings & Specifications
Service History
Exemplars or Similar Situations
Service Environment
Failure Determination
Fracture Surface Analysis
Microstructural Analysis
Non-Destructive Evaluations
Stress Analysis
Industry Focus
Ship Building
Power Generation
Oil Field
Types of Experience
Repair of ICC under ride bar
Hinge weld on container vessel
Effect of excess weld reinforcement
effect of lack of penetration
Production weld hot cracking
Set up and implement field weld QC program
Specifying weld repair procedure
Tanker truck ladder failure
Shipyard weld quality issues

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