Fitness for Service Evaluation

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For over 40 years, Metallurgical Consulting has been providing fitness for service evaluations of pressure vessels and other components. These comprehensive evaluations involve setting 1) up appropriate non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, 2) obtaining actual mechanical property data and 3) performing stress analyses including fatigue life and fracture mechanics calculations. Vessel testing has been successfully completed on a wide range of vessel types, including older cast iron vessels used in paper processing, as well as modern stainless steel, and carbon steel vessels.

As part of this service, Metallurgical Consulting develops complete repair procedures which have safely brought old or damaged vessels back into service. A new standard for this type of evaluation has been recently developed for the petroleum and process industries. Called API Fitness for Service API-579-1, it represents a very large and thorough standard, covering basic visual inspections to more comprehensive inspections including finite element analysis for fatigue.

The starting point for any fitness for service evaluation is a thorough inspection performed by a professional, experienced inspector. Metallurgical Consulting's years of experience and in-depth knowledge of damage mechanisms of vessels, vessel components, and the total environment allow for inspection protocol recommendations which maximize the reliability of detecting actual damage.

The key to success is communication and collaboration. Metallurgical Consulting works with the selected NDT companies to help them understand possible damage and interpretation of the results. Conducting an external and visual inspection and review of operating records is also an important aspect of the overall inspection. Older vessels usually require a determination of actual properties depending on their service. Cases have been observed were major changes in properties required a de-rating of the vessel. There are different ways to acquire mechanical properties involving both destructive and nondestructive techniques. Metallurgical Consulting can determine the type of testing required that will obtain the required properties, including fracture toughness. Stress analysis and fatigue life estimates, which include finite element analysis, can be performed.

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Fitness for Service Evaluation Capabilities

Materials Science
Fracture Mechanics
Stress Analysis
Strain Gauge Testing
Fatigue Analysis
Full Root Cause Failure Analysis
Product Areas
Pressure Vessels
Paper Industry
Chemical Process Industry
Power Generation
Since 1973
Large Chamber Scanning Electron Microscope
X ray with SEM
Hydraulic Ram for full Scale Tests
Load Cells
Multi-Channel High Speed Data Acquisition
DC&AC Corrosion Testing Equipment
Optical Microscopes
Specimen Preparation Equipment
Information to Work from
Engineering Drawings & Specifications
Service History
Exemplars or Similar Situations
Service Environment
Failure Determination
Fracture Surface Analysis
Microstructural Analysis
Non-Destructive Evaluations
Stress Analysis
Industry Focus
Ship Building
Power Generation
Oil Field
Types of Experience
Salvage overheated boiler
Repair of batch digester
Rerate old Yankee dryer
Cast iron paper machine dryer rolls
Aircraft cracking
Reactor pressure vessels
Large industrial fan
Large exhaust stack
Complex high strength steel casting

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